What Our Clients Say

Below are a few unsolicited comments from Amalgam clients.  These are typical of many comments we receive without asking.

Geoff, I wanted to say well done, your session on the 19th was fantastic.  Your facilitation skills were outstanding and it was the best training day I have attended.  Dimond has been looking long and hard for an outstanding facilitator to compliment our business, and I think we have found what we’ve been looking for.  Thanks for everything.   Darran Roberts, Auckland Branch Manager, Dimond.

I think that yesterday was a watershed for us. The feedback I have got is that it was really good and they are looking forward to extending themselves.  I also thought it was a good team-building event and your facilitation was superb.”  Martin Hall, Executive Dean, UNITEC

Thanks so much for your contribution to our team weekend. I am sure you will be delighted to know that when I did a re-cap/debrief with them on Sunday morning as to what they had taken away with them on Saturday, your session rated highly!  It was a great hit with the team.”  Debbie Tawse, Managing Director, Celebrity Speakers 

I attended your course on Thursday and was greatly intrigued by your cold-call telephone system.  I spent a bit of time on Friday and again today, using your system, and so far have managed to gain 7 appointments, have generated a call back for about 3 or 4 more potential customers to make appointments and have got some hot leads from about 3 others.  This from no more than 20 phone calls.  This is a fantastic success rate for me as I generally have not had a great lot of success from my cold-calls.”

Congratulations on a really good presentation today, I was interested to look at the group when you started and I sensed a feeling of “oh no not another prospecting talk” but you won them over and I believe made a real impact.  Excellent!  Peter Lee, Marketing Manager, Fidelity Life.