Low productivity, inefficient work practices, unhappy people, conflict, high staff turnover, absenteeism, poor productivity or no accountability are NOT the norm for any type of organisation.  If any part of your workplace suffers from these issues then it is time to take a good hard look at your managers.

Because managers have the greatest impact on staff performance over the long-term, it is not OK to simply promote your best employee and expect them to manage automatically.  Below are our services to help you create powerful and effective managers.

Selecting the Best Managers:  Amalgam uses a unique and innovative system to help select the best people to fill management roles and team leader positions.  Having the right people in leadership roles from the outset significantly reduces the incidence of low performance and high staff turnover.

Management Courses:  Amalgam provides a host of management workshops and courses focussed on developing key management skills to boost staff performance, engagement and productivity.  Topics include:

  • Core Components of Self-Management
  • Setting Expectations for Team and Individuals
  • Establishing Management Measures
  • Influential Communication
  • Holding Others To Account
  • Motivating Others
  • Coaching to Increase Performance
  • Delegation & Empowerment
  • Building Strong Teams
  • Implementing Organisational Strategy
  • Managing Through Change
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Increasing Staff Engagement
  • Selecting Winners

Measuring Managers Capacity:  To help you measure the effectiveness of managers’ performance, Amalgam provides surveys and assessments to pin point areas where improvements can be made for maximum impact on productivity.

Management Coaching:  Amalgam has coached numerous managers from team leaders to CEOs helping them to manage others more effectively.  Coaching improves managers’ clarity, resilience and focus along with growing their ability to raise performance in others.

Sample Case Study for Management:  An Auckland based company with 150+ staff wanted to develop 12 of its middle and senior managers.  Amalgam put together and delivered a 10 module course.  Specific outcomes for the project were included:

  • Improve alignment of staff behaviour with company strategy
  • Increase goal setting and planning
  • Improve communication across the organisation
  • Increase motivation, coaching and development of staff
  • Hold non-performers to account
  • Manage change more efficiently
  • Provide greater leadership


Ten key areas relating to management performance were identified and measured.  The course ran for 30 weeks encompassing self-study, workshops and coaching.  After 12 months, performance was measured again and improvements recorded in every single area!  Even more significantly, the company recorded a record profit the following year despite the on-going pressures of the global economic crisis.

Leadership Teams:  The importance of an effective team at the top cannot be under stated.  Amalgam works with executive teams to help them operate as one coherent unit, to lead the organisation powerfully, communicate effectively and deliver results.

What Our Clients Say: 

Hi Geoff, The feedback from the participants (managers) includes:-
More targeted meetings, wider group meetings, sharing information, actively listening, more strategic planning, defining what is important, using coaching in appraisals, regular monitoring to see what changes have been done, more motivated, changed attitude, better delegation, written long term goals, not taking ownership of problems but passing on, spend first hour each day planning the day, “when staff ask a question they get a question back” 
Paul Mason, General Manager Operations, Fidelity Life.