Selecting Winners

Developing high performing teams and individuals starts with placing the right people into the right roles.  Interviewing and gut-feel are not enough on their own.  What’s required is a system that is proven, reliable and can be replicated for consistency.  Amalgam uses the most advanced system available to help you choose top performers and winning talent.

Our innovative system is used to enhance your current processes rather than replace them so it is easy and highly cost effective to put in place. The benefits of having a reliable system to indentify top performers include:

  • Greater accuracy and reliability when selecting or promoting staff.
  • Staff more naturally suited to their jobs bringing higher levels of energy to work.
  • People who are easier to bring on board, train and manage.
  • Employees naturally rewarded by doing the job greater higher levels of motivation.
  • New employees get up to speed in their jobs much faster.
  • Drastically reduced conflict and less staff turnover.

This job matching system has many additional features and benefits, too many to list here.  Please feel free to contact us for a demonstration.

Sample Case Study for Selecting Winners:  An organisation selling to the automotive industry was having difficulty with sales performance and retention.  With a sales force of around 25, on average 50% of them were not reaching sales targets each month.  Turnover within the team was running at over 30% each year and when new people were employed, it was taking 12 months for them to get up to speed.

The company had always used an external consultant for hiring new sales people and wanted to continue doing this.  Amalgam implemented their Selecting Winners system to enhance the company’s established process and results were immediate.  Selecting Winners provided the information the company needed to select the right people for the sales role along with tools to help with training and development.  As a result:

  • Sales increased – the % of the team reaching monthly targets went from <50% to > 70%.
  • New recruits were productive 25% faster than before.
  • Staff turnover was down by over 40% in the first year.