Sales is the life blood of all commercial enterprise.  Allowing this part of the business to perform below par is like playing roulette with the financial viability of your company.   All high performing sales teams share common characteristics including on-going training and motivation.  To have your sales people performing at their best requires constant activity and attention.

Amalgam has played a significant role in the development of high performing sales teams and individuals since the very start.  Below is an outline of the services we offer.  All solutions provide measures so you receive tangible results.

Selecting Winning Sales People:  At Amalgam we have a proven system to help you select the very best sales people for your business.  A high performing sales team starts with having the right people in the role, people who are naturally suited to sell and motivated to achieve.

Sales Courses:  Sales people operate in a challenging environment and so require on-going training and motivation to keep them performing at their best.  Amalgam provides a variety of courses and workshops to keep sales people at the top of their game whether they selling over the phone or face to face.  Below is a sample of the courses we run:

  • Prospecting and Networking to Grow Sales
  • Rapport and Relationship Building
  • Selling on the Phone
  • Selling in the Retail Environment
  • Managing Accounts and Key Account Strategy
  • Value Added Selling
  • Sales Negotiation for Better Margins
  • Sales Motivation and Resilience


Clients can select a course from the list here or pick and choose a range of topics to suit their business.  Many clients choose to have a course tailored specifically to their business or industry for enhanced results.  All our workshops are practical, highly interactive and fun to ensure the greatest impact and skills transfer.

Sales Coaching:  One-on-one coaching for sales people can significantly accelerate the rate of skill development as well as bring low performers back on track.  Amalgam regularly provides coaching for all levels of sales people helping achieve a measured increase in results every time.

Sample Case Study for Sales:  The franchisor of a 25 strong franchise group wanted to grow sales in the face of strong head winds in the building industry.   Amalgam developed and delivered a tailored course designed specifically for the business of delivering customised building solutions.  Follow up coaching was also offered, an option that 25% of franchisees took up.

At their annual conference the following year the franchisor released the annual sales results.  Despite an exceptionally difficult trading year with sales industry wide under pressure, the group grew their sales by a total of 10%.  In addition to this however, the franchisees who opted for the follow-up sales coaching increased their individual sales by between 20% and 50% each!

What Our Clients Say: ”Just a brief e-mail to thank you once again for the training.  Of interest, our sales staff attended the 2 day session of a Mr Rick Prohm (a Canadian motivator/speaker) over the past 2 days, and on reflection/judgment, they were single in that your course was more informative, focused and better presented.”  Monte Wells, General Manager, 4 Guys Autobarn.