Results Achieved

The true worth of any consultancy is determined by the results they achieve.  At Amalgam we aim to produce tangible and measured results that align with your business objectives.  We will work with you to provide practical solutions that help you achieve success.  At Amalgam we have been doing this for many years, here is a sample of some of the successes we’ve produced.

Want More?

If you can’t see a result here that relates to an issue or objective you have then please contact us, chances are Amalgam has worked in that area and can demonstrate success there also.  Every solution starts with a conversation.

Management Development:

An Auckland based company with 150+ staff wanted to develop 12 of its middle and senior managers.  Amalgam put together and delivered a 10 module course.  Specific outcomes for the project were included:

  • Improve alignment of staff behaviour with company strategy
  • Increase goal setting and planning
  • Improve communication across the organisation
  • Increase motivation, coaching and development of staff
  • Hold non-performers to account
  • Manage change more efficiently
  • Provide greater leadership

Ten key areas relating to management performance were identified and measured.  The course ran for 30 weeks encompassing self-study, workshops and coaching.  After 12 months, performance was measured again and improvements recorded in every single area!  Even more significantly, the company recorded a record profit the following year despite the on-going pressures of the global economic crisis.


The franchisor of a 25 strong franchise group wanted to grow sales in the face of strong head winds in the building industry.   Amalgam developed and delivered a tailored course designed specifically for the business of delivering customised building solutions.  Follow up coaching was also offered, an option that 25% of franchisees took up.

At their annual conference the following year the franchisor released the annual sales results.  Despite an exceptionally difficult trading year with sales industry wide under pressure, the group grew their sales by a total of 10%.  In addition to this however, the franchisees who opted for the follow-up sales coaching increased their individual sales by between 20% and 50% each!

Customer Service:

An established business of around 180 employees, once the industry leader had been losing market share for years.  Operating in the building and construction area, the company undertook an in-depth study to establish what customers valued most with the view to increasing customer loyalty and regaining market share.  This study enabled them to clearly identify areas that would make an impact on winning back customers.

Amalgam rolled out a nationwide course focussed on building customer value to all font-line staff across 12 sites.  The impact was immediate and after five years with further involvement from Amalgam in the sales, service and management areas and while retaining healthy margins, the company has grown its market share from 14% to 27% and is still growing.


The CEO of an insurance company was receiving weekly complaints from insurance brokers regarding the company’s underwriting team.  Brokers complained the people were difficult to deal with, inflexible and arrogant.  This was a tricky situation because the underwriters were following policy and operating within guidelines.  On further investigation it became apparent that the issue was not with the underwriters technical skills but in the perception the brokers had of them due to poor communication.

Amalgam conducted workshops to look at ways the underwriters could communicate more effectively.  Starting with the brokers very negative comments, the underwriters were able to use this constructively to create better communication strategies.  The team began to listen better, demonstrate empathy and provide more information when explaining decisions.  This resulted in the brokers perception of the team being greatly enhanced and had an immediate effect.   After a three month period, the CEO reported to Amalgam that he had not received any complaints but instead had only received compliments even from some of their most difficult customers!