Personal Skills at work

Don’t be fooled into thinking that training technical skills alone will produce top performers.  Many people are skilled but do not perform to their potential.  It’s the combination of the essential personal skills with technical know-how that produces high performing people and organisations.  For people to reach their full potential requires development of personal skills such taking ownership and responsibility, being a self-starter, getting on with others, working in a team plus a host more.

Amalgam are experts in growing staff’s personal skills so they can reach their potential at work.  People with a high level of personal skills and self-mastery are easier to manage, cause less conflict and are more productive.  Below is just a sample of the areas we work in.

  • Growing Personal Accountability and Responsibility and Taking Ownership
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence for Improved Personal Management
  • Increasing Motivation to Close the ‘Knowing-Doing Gap’
  • Sharpening Focus at Work to Defeat Procrastination
  • Blowing Out Excuses to Overcome Challenges and Set-Backs
  • Setting Well-Formed Outcomes for Greater Momentum Towards Goals
  • Developing Skills for Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Working with Behavioural Styles for Better Relationships
  • Understanding the Mind for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Resilience


What Our Clients Say:  (Comments relate to a 3-day course covering many of the topics above.)

“The Self Leadership skills I gained from APG are second to none!  Since attending the training my focus, determination and enjoyment of life has snowballed beyond belief.  I’d highly recommend Geoff as an excellent trainer!”  Alan Fayter, Director, Optimum Mind.

“Magical transformations occurred during my time on your course – all I can say is that I was a different, happier person in as little as three days.  I felt it but the true measure of change is when your friends notice it too and they have been telling me so!  As a result of this training, I am more in control of my own responses to external factors and this has made me a much more relaxed person – less stress.”  Maria Kalpatzoglou, Sales Manager, NZ Safety.

One of the best things about the course was learning the ability to be intentional about the things I want to do but never seem to get around to doing!  Since the APG course, I have achieved 2 long-term goals and I am generally more focussed on accomplishing the things that have been in the “I should” or “I must” basket for way too long.  This stuff works!! Jude Wake, Lawyer, North End Law.



Communication is the glue that sticks organisations and people together.  Without it you have conflict, wasted effort, disengagement, misinformation, missed opportunities and a host of other issues and dysfunctions.  Without appropriate and timely information, staff struggle to take responsibility; with it they struggle not to.  No one is immune to poor communication; it is a common malaise among staff and yet little is done to combat this organisational cancer.  Maybe it is time for you to look at improving communication in your organisation.

Amalgam has a number of services to help you improve communication between teams, individuals and across the organisation.  Below are some of the services we offer.

Communication Coaching:  At Amalgam we have coached numerous people to enhance their communication skills.  Regardless of position, good communication skills are essential to good performance.

Customer Service Training:  Communication touches many other areas of staff and management performance and can be integrated into other areas accordingly.  Below are some of the areas we can cover to enhance communication in your organisation.

  • Communicating Over the Phone
  • Questioning and Listening Skills
  • Building Rapport
  • Skills to Influence and Persuade
  • Body Language
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communicating in Meetings

Sample Case Study for Sales: The CEO of an insurance company was receiving weekly complaints from insurance brokers regarding the company’s underwriting team.  Brokers complained the people were difficult to deal with, inflexible and arrogant.  This was a tricky situation because the underwriters were following policy and operating within guidelines.  On further investigation it became apparent that the issue was not with the underwriters technical skills but in the perception the brokers had of them due to poor communication.

Amalgam conducted workshops to look at ways the underwriters could communicate more effectively.  Starting with the brokers very negative comments, the underwriters were able to use this constructively to create better communication strategies.  The team began to listen better, demonstrate empathy and provide more information when explaining decisions.  This resulted in the brokers perception of the team being greatly enhanced and had an immediate effect.   After a three month period, the CEO reported to Amalgam that he had not received any complaints but instead had only received compliments even from some of their most difficult customers!

What Our Clients Say:  I just wanted to thank you formally for all your assistance with putting our Company Values sessions together.  I got quite excited this morning at the content and also the effective methods we are using to deliver our messages.  This would not have been possible without your expert assistance.”  -  Martin Fox, Head of Operations, AA Insurance (Winner JRA Best Places to Work 2011)