Customer Service

Customers are the reason most businesses exist and so it’s essential to retain them and their business.  If you’re not looking after your customers, adding value at every opportunity and creating good experiences for them, it won’t be long before someone else does.  Forget all the hype about on-line this and automated that, business is still about relationships and customers will show loyalty when you have the right people dealing with them.

Below is a sample of customer focussed solutions Amalgam provides to help your people create great customer experiences and add value to your customer relationships.  All solutions provide measures so you receive tangible results.

Selecting Great Customer Service People:  Our unique job matching system helps you to select the best performers for your customer service roles.  Superior performance always starts with having the right people in the job from the start.

Customer Service Workshops:  We run many courses to lift service standards and results for a variety of customer areas both for internal and external customers.  Below is a sample of the courses we run:

  • Service Over the Phone
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Adding Customer Value
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • Managing the Customer Experience

Clients can select a course from the list here or pick and choose a range of topics to suit their business.  Many clients choose to have a course tailored specifically to their business or industry for enhanced results.  All our workshops are practical, highly interactive and fun to ensure the greatest impact and skills transfer.

Sample Case Study for Sales:   An established business of around 180 employees, once the industry leader had been losing market share for years.  Operating in the building and construction area, the company undertook an in-depth study to establish what customers valued most with the view to increasing customer loyalty and regaining market share.  This study enabled them to clearly identify areas that would make an impact on winning back customers.

Amalgam rolled out a nationwide course focussed on building customer value to all font-line staff across 12 sites.  The impact was immediate and after five years with further involvement from Amalgam in the sales, service and management areas and while retaining healthy margins, the company has grown its market share from 14% to 27% and is still growing.

What Our Clients Say:  “I really enjoyed the course.  Geoff is an awesome facilitator and I learned many valuable skills and concepts.”  Ann-Marie Gilmour, Customer Services, Sport Waitakere.