Coaching Services

Coaching is an incredibly powerful way to build performance capability by mobilising a person’s resources and potentials to enhance productivity.  Having undergone the world’s most demanding system of training and certification, Amalgam coaches are second to none.   We coach people in many different professions and positions, from CEOs to sales.  Not for the timid, coaching is about:

  • Stepping up to your next level of development & performance.
  • Stretching you beyond your comfort zone to be all you can be.
  • Fiercely focussing on what’s critically important to for crystal clarity.
  • Setting big goals and making a plan to make them real.
  • Making a commitment to yourself not sell yourself short, a promise to be your best.
  • Tapping into your own resources to unleash your full potential.
  • Having the ego-strength to take on projects that will change your world and others.

Amalgam uses a proven system with evidence to back it up as a legitimate business tool.  Proof can be found in research conducted by Dr Susie Linder-Pelz, PhD.  Author of NLP Coaching: An Evidence-based approach for coaches, leaders, and individuals (2010).

Sample Case Study for Coaching:  A well-liked employee with a great attitude but short on management skills was promoted to manager of the Wellington branch of a financial services company.  The team was in crisis and performance was well below standard.  Amalgam coached the newly appointed manager to very quickly develop the necessary skills and attitudes required to manage and lead the team back to a functional state.  The coaching helped with the hard decisions and decisive action required to turn the team around.

As a result, within 3 months the team had completely transformed with internal conflict gone and both engagement and performance dramatically increased.  The following year, the manager was promoted again and relocated to Auckland head office.

What Our Clients Say: Excellent! I really feel I got a lot of great ideas from the coaching and will do a lot more coaching with my staff. Neale Watling, Operations Manager, Fidelity Life.